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Thrive in Style™
Harness the power of style and make your career thrive

The Thrive in Style ™ program for career & business is designed for female entrepreneurs and career-driven women who are ready to break through the glass ceiling and thrive in the world of business. This six-week program has been designed to identify and remove the limitations that your personal style is causing in your business and your career and show you how the power of style can be used to make your business and career thrive.

Get ready to...

How it works...

In private weekly meetings, you'll be guided by me through my exclusive program to help you align your personal style with your career and business goals. We'll start by peeling back the layers of your current style, discover what's working and what's not, and take an honest look at why it's holding you back in your career.


The next step is to find the style that will work for you and the goals you're trying to achieve. We'll analyze your body shape, facial shape, and your color season to create a foundation for your wardrobe that will make you look and feel amazing. 


We'll then take it deeper with my exclusive style and color association testing™ to delve into your mind-clothing connection and see which styles and colors will have the most impact on your mindset and give you the confidence to achieve your goals. 

Once we've taken the steps above all that's left to do is build you a strategic wardrobe that takes all the guesswork out of what to wear each day, and gives you outfit blueprints that align perfectly with your body and your career goals.

So are you ready to Thrive in Style?

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